Sarracenia hybrids

Sarracenia hybrids.

Most of our plants are mature size.

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Sarracenia  x ahlesii #2(rubra wheeryi x alata)
Sarracenia  x ahlesii #2 - (rubra wheeryi x alata), hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x Black Widow
Sarracenia  x Black Widow,hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x Boob Tube
Sarracenia  x Boob Tube, hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x Bug Pipes
Sarracenia x Bug Pipes,hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x Bug Scoop
Sarracenia x Bug Scoop, hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x Carolina Cooler
Sarracenia  x Carolina Cooler - hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x catesbaei - Sumatra, Florida
Sarracenia x catesbaei - Sumatra, Florida - hybrids   ..
Sarracenia  x catesbaei x oreophylla
Sarracenia Sarracenia  x catesbaei x oreophylla-hybrids   ..
Sarracenia ' Daina's Delight'
S. x ‘Daina’s Delight’ (S. leucophylla x S. willisii) VC Hybridized by Mark Edwards of New Ze..
Sarracenia ' Judith Hindle'
S. x ‘Juddith Hindle’ (S. leucophylla x flava “rugelli”) x S. purpurea “chipola” A complex h..
Sarracenia alata x leucophylla
Sarracenia alata x leucophylla - hybrids  ..
Sarracenia x  Lady Bug
Sarracenia x Lady Bug- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x  Red Sumatra-hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x (rubra x oreophylla) x (purpurea x leucophylla)
Sarracenia x (rubra x oreophylla) x (purpurea x leucophylla), hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x areolata
Sarracenia x areolata,hybrids   ..
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