Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Guidelines:       ******WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY ONLINE ORDERS AT THIS TIME ****** 

It is impractical to generalize about the cultivation requirements of carnivorous plants.  The carnivorous adaptation of plants has developed in numerous unrelated plant families.  There are over 600 carnivorous plant species in 21 genera.   We will offer cultivation information on five of these genera Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Pinguicula, Dionaea and Drosera.


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Sarracenia x Cobra's Nest
Sarracenia x Cobra's Nest- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x coral
Sarracenia x coral- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x Daniel Rudd
Sarracenia x Daniel Rudd- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x Dixie Lace
Sarracenia x Dixie Lace- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x Doodle Bug
Sarracenia  x Doodle Bug- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x excellens
Sarraceniax excellens - Phil Fazuli's clone- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x flava x moorei
Sarraceniax  x flava x moorei- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x flava x oreophylla
Sarraceniax  x flava x oreophylla- hybrids   ..
Sarracenia x formosa
Sarracenia x formosa- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x Georgia Peach
Sarracenia x Georgia Peach- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x gilpini- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x gilpini red -Manny Herrera- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x gilpini x rubra
Sarraceniax gilpini x rubra- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x Hummer's Hammerhead- hybrids.   ..
Sarracenia x Imhotep
Sarracenia x Imhotep- hybrids.   ..
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