Drossera (Sundew)

Drosera capensis are native to the cape of South Africa and are also referred to as Cape sundews.  They are great choice for beginners.  The plants are large and attractive and best of all are easy to grow.  Each leaf has numerous tentacles that are covered with a tiny droplet of mucilage.  When an insect lands on a leaf it becomes stuck as the leaf slowly curls around the trapped insect to digest it.  They bloom freely and have numerous pink flowers on tall stems.  The “alba” forms have white flowers.  They can grow in full sun to partial shade and grow in temperatures from 50-100F.  They do not require winter dormancy but will go dormant in colder climates.  Frost will kill the leaves and stems but established plants will come back in the spring.  Cold hardy to USDA zone 9. 




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