Pinguicula or Butterwort

Pinguicula (Butterwort)

Pinguicula Cultural Information:

Light: If kept indoors, sundew must have very bright light. Outdoors, full sun or partial.

Water: Always keep them sitting in a saucer of water.

Templelature:  Maintain indoor temperatures above 40°.

Potting: Any potting mixture of 50% peat moss and 50% perlite. Little if any fertilizer.


Maxican Pinguicula has very shallow roots. Pressing a small hole in the center of the pot and place the plant on top of it, work the soil in around as best as you can. We have grow them on the top of bricks that were partially submerged into water and they did quite well. The plant does not actualy need to be rooted into the soil.


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